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Puppy & Dog Training with

 Alix Bawlf

k9 academy vancouver
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At K9 Academy Vancouver we offer Puppy Training and Socialization as well as private training for your dog of any age!
alix bawlf with her dog

About Me

My life with dogs started around 20 years ago when I found a picture of a big yellow Labrador Retriever in the Courier newspaper. I rushed to the facility to get him. He was jumping straight up and down in his kennel barking. I had to have him. I didn’t know much about training a dog at this time, but I vowed to learn. He lived to be fifteen(15) years old and he was well known  in the neighbourhood for his antics.


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Cute Puppy

Puppy Start Right Preschool

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This program is based on the Puppy Start Right Preschool model and is for puppies as early as 7 weeks of age. Starting your puppy off with early socialization, puppy play and exposure to the world around them is the most important thing you can do with your puppy. 

We will also discuss potty training, crate training, jumping up and more. We will start on foundation training including: attention, loose leash walking, recall, sit, down, stay, drop & leave it.


Includes four (4) private in home lessons with your puppy.

All sessions are one hour in length including a consultation at the first lesson.

Dog's Portrait

K9 Kindergarten
Our most popular package

For puppies 16 weeks up to 2 years, as well as new rescue dogs. This is what your dog or puppy needs to start right with

obedience training.

Recall, attention, sit, down, stay & loose leash walking.


This program includes four (4) private lessons with your puppy or dog.

All sessions are one hour in length. The first lesson includes a consultation 

Dog Portrait

Consultation & 

For dogs needing to learn new skills or remedial help. Such as recall, leash aggression or pulling, jumping up and barking. 

Lessons can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Includes two 1 hour lessons.




Group Classes have started at Sunset Community Center. See for details

I Love All My K9 Companions!


"Alix started walking and training our puppy at 6 months old

Her approach is balanced and she always takes the time to share her strategies, which support us in carrying on the training at home.  Our puppy has responded so well, and is a beautiful, fit and well socialized dog thanks to Alix.  Rain or shine Alix is always ready to take our pup on a great adventure and our dog loves her and is so excited to see her each time.  This is our family’s first dog and I could not imagine Alix not being part of our dog training journey.  I am thankful every day!"

"Alix is great with my pup, Nubs, who had a pandemic problem: fear, which was sometimes expressed in aggressiveness towards other dogs. Alix's calm and direct instruction has made huge improvements in his behaviour. Nub's recall is excellent now and he rarely overreacts to other dogs. Plus he adores Alix and enjoys his time with her very much!"


-Catherine & Nubs

(an adorable Aussie Doodle)

-Lynda & Ducky

a lovable white Labrador Retriever)

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