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About me 

puppy trainer alix bawlf with dogs in vancouver

After he passed I found a beautiful field Labrador Retriever, Hope, who was a trained duck hunter. She was quite high strung and had never lived in a city. This was when I really started getting interested in training dogs. I went to a well know trainer for several months and learned a lot. Now I have another wonderful Labrador Retriever named Sunny. She is the calmest, sweetest dog. Sunny is like my right arm. She has become a St. John Ambulance Therapy dog & works with people with brain injuries.

I received my certification through the International Academy of Canine Trainers Level I. Wanting more experience I started walking & training dogs in my neighbourhood. Seeing so many untrained dogs in my area I decided I wanted to specialize in puppy training and socialization. I recently completed Puppy Start Right PreSchool Certification.

This program starts the puppies as early as seven (7) weeks and gives them a great foundation. 

I am very excited to bring this program to all the new puppy parents in Vancouver!

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