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Group classes coming soon!

Training your puppy or adult dog is what I'm here for!

I am a certified dog trainer specializing in puppy socialization & training. 

The Program is called Puppy Start Right Preschool and is for puppies as

young as seven (7) weeks

It's not just obedience, think of it as life skills. Everything from responding to new people or children, car rides, crate & potty training, counter surfing, jumping,

chewing and much more.

We will also take your puppy out into the world to experience things that they may not be accustomed to like new people, bicycles, people wearing hats, other dogs ( big & small) going to the Vet, going to the groomers.

By desensitizing a puppy to these situations at a young age things won't bother or scare them as they grow. This builds a confident dog. I also work on general obediences skills, recall, loose leash walking, sit, and leave it.

I will also teach you prevention methods to avoid some common puppy problems.

By engaging your puppy in all these experiences you will end up with a dog that is a pleasure to have around.

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